Design, design, design... What is design? It's a lot like collage - laying out objects - text, images and colours on a page so that it looks 'right.' It probably has something to do with the way things look in nature. Maybe...

What have I designed?

Apart from the books and murals featured on this website, I have also done a lot of work for Clewis Productions and Howes You Doing who performed at The Edinburgh Festival in 2009 and 2011. I particularly enjoyed this as there was an immediacy to the project - did my flyers attract people to their shows? I hope so - there were certainly sold out venues and it was great to see our posters next to some comedy greats lining the walls of the prestigious Pleasance Theatre venues. I also wrote all of the promotional text in 2011 and contributed a (slightly rubbish) poem to the Pleasance Courtyard's weekly magazine.

I design, edit, write and find stories for the Youth Pages of The Source Newspaper which is has been an exercise in working to tight deadlines and making last minute changes. Find yourself struggling with layout? Think grid! I search out stories, find up and coming writers and help promote positive news stories by and about young people to a wider audience.

I've also designed an infomation pack for delegates attending a symposium at the Sackler Centre at the Victoria and Albert Museum titled Collecting Experiences: Enriching Design Studen Museum and created tables for the book Looking to Learn, Learning to See. I also did a lot of proof-reading, typing and editing as part of my role at the museum and interviewed students as part of the research project discovering how design students use museums. For more information use the following link:

Currently I am working with designer Kim Osborne on a new Visitors Guide for the Roald Dahl Museum and Story Centre in Great Missenden for which I have enjoyed finding out fascinating facts about Roald Dahl, coming up with layout ideas and spotting unusual things in his photos!