I have worked for Aylesbury District Council on their annual puppet project for two years now. You can see a video of the parade of the puppets on YouTube here:


I also completed a residency at Orchard House. We decorated chairs based on the history of High Wycombe. I was invited to take part in the CIAO Ark Project in Oxford. For more information take a look at http://www.ciaofestival.org.uk/index.php?id=5 I was also Artist in Residence at The Misbourne School, and I hold workshops such as creating a Great Automatic Grammatizator at the Wychwood Festival and taking part in The Big Draw. ( By the way, your patience is appreciated whilst I update this bit of my website.) This photo shows one of the places students at the Misbourne thought could be livened up! - Students suggested making it from glass and turning it into a walk-through aquarium.