Prints for Sale at Stereohype

My Stereohype button badge designs are now available as prints. Check them out here! 

 And here's an article by Design Week:


My Stereohype badges are also available from the House of Illustration Shop:



NEW: See this blog post about my Granny working at the animator's Halas & Batchelor:



Check out my online shop which is now selling rugs! Quite fancy the Flip-Flop rug myself!


Past event:

NEWS! My Adder and Red Kite Designs are now being sold by Pop Sockets for their iphone covers. Get yours here:



If you like animals, have a look at my B.I.O badges for Stereohype here:

They've been featured in Creative Review, Design Week and Digital Arts magazines amongst others and you can now buy my Scottish wild cat badge as part of a set from the Saatchi Gallery store:

This one got shortlisted in 2011 - I'd forgotten all about it!



I've also been featured on the Wallbreakers website. See it here: